Dongxiaodian, a social e-commerce platform of Jingdong group
Dongxiaodian is a social e-commerce platform of Jingdong group, which aims to create an online and offline integrated social e-commerce platform. Let every store manager pay, Jingdong store is a social e-commerce platform launched by Jingdong on November 1, 2019. It is a strategic social e-commerce project led by the innovation business department of the 3C electronic and consumer goods retail business group of Jingdong retail, and the retail R & D Department of Jingdong cloud and AI business division participated in the strategic social e-commerce project. Mr. Xu Lei, CEO of Jingdong group, and SVP of 3C electronic and consumer goods retail industry group of Jingdong retail Co., Ltd Led by Mr. Yan Xiaobing, the online and offline social e-commerce platform for global integration.
Dongxiaodian is a wechat app
Dongxiaodian is a wechat small program. You can register as a store manager on dongxiaodian platform, and promote commodities to earn commission. All user's shopping behavior jumps to "Jingdong shopping applet" to complete! All the products in the platform come from Jingdong Mall, and also include Jingdong's self operated products. Enjoy Jingdong's after-sales service. Among them, 99% of the products can enjoy special discounts. There is no threshold and no charge for the platform! The efficient customer acquisition and fission ability of social e-commerce has attracted many enterprises and users to join in. In 2018, social e-commerce became the favorite of capital, so many companies went public, which added fuel to the flames and led to the rapid growth of the industry scale. In 2018, the scale of social e-commerce in China reached 626.85 billion, an increase of 255.8% month on month, so join us!
What sources of revenue do we have as store managers?

1. 100% commission for direct promotion of products: create a wechat group with more than 50 people, contact customer service, open an intelligent assistant, and the intelligent assistant will send products in the group. After users in the group purchase, you will get 100% commission income of this product. At the same time, you can share the hot money in the circle of friends, and you can also get 100% commission income after making payment. 2. Red envelope income of partner promotion: develop more partners, your partner can promote the transaction of goods, you can get the red envelope income of this commodity, the more development, the more income. 3. Usual activity reward: dongxiaodian will organize and plan various reward activities regularly. If you participate in the activity and meet the standard, you can get the platform reward; 4. Jingdong La Xin reward: if a new Jingdong user buys the product you promote, you will get 10 yuan of Jingdong La Xin award. 5. Store upgrade reward: dongxiaodian has different identity levels: shopping guide, intern store manager, new store manager and elite store manager. After upgrading, they will get the corresponding upgrade reward amount.



2. 工牌分正面和反面,大家印刷制作时按照工牌使用图示进行打印制作即可;


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